Sectional Dismantling of a Black Poplar

Emerald Tree Specialists Ltd where contracted to carry out the technically demanding and challenging sectional dismantling of a large, mature Black Polar “Populus nigra” within the beer garden of The Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn.

There had been a tree preservation order (TPO) on the tree, part of the Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk. However after a legal judgement this had to be lifted and permission granted for the removal of the tree as it was located within two meters of the Crown & Mitre Pub and restaurant which is a grade 2 listed building. Unfortunately the root system of the tree was causing severe structural damage to the building and the majority of the crown was overhanging the building roof and conservatory in which the restaurant was situated.

These factors taken into account, potentially there was a high risk of injury to persons and damage to property if the tree had structurally failed in any way.

Access to the beer garden was a pedestrian walkway and double door which ruled out the option of using a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform). This meant the plan and method of work then had to be sectional dismantling by manually climbing the tree by ropes and harness and using current rigging and lowering techniques. Great care and precision had to be taken as the target areas beneath the tree were the glass conservatory, the tiled roof of the building and a raised wooden deck area.

All the sectional dismantling work was carried out successfully and to plan, with all arisings chipped and cleared together with the stem wood.