Green Engineering – River Bank Protection

Emerald Tree Specialists Ltd were sub-contracted to deliver and manage a green/soft engineering solution of river bank protection, on the River Cherwell Banbury Oxfordshire.

Working with our client TWS and within Thames Water, Environment Agency guidelines, Emerald Tree Specialists Ltd selectively felled trees and cut back vegetation to improve light penetration onto the bank side. The objective being that the improved light penetration will promote reed and bank side plant growth whilst maintaining the established rooted structure.

Before the project of works commenced, installation and design meetings where held with all parties and an agreed method of works and installation was approved.

The green/soft engineering solution consisted of several components. Hazel hurdles and wooden fixing posts where required for reinforcement, coir installation, reed embedded net pallets, chestnut steaks and the recycled brash from the tree and vegetation clearance to act as in fill.

The sections of river bank within the project required preparation, some of which required the use of a 360° tracked excavator operated by Emerald Tree Specialists Ltd. However, the majority of the bank preparation was carried out manually due to the inaccessibility of the working area, but in keeping with the green/soft engineering concept.

The installation of the river bank protection, green/soft engineering components where carried out manually and very successfully in a challenging working environment by the skilled operatives of Emerald Tree Specialists Ltd.

The project was delivered on schedule and within budget as agreed with our clients.